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Hair Extensions
Micro ring hair extensions.  1gramm of hair per stand . The price including 100 dram of hair which is 100 stands usually...
Hair Botox
Botox for hair stretches the hair like the face botox does, but with a big difference.It’s a 100% organic treatment that...
Gel or Acrylic overlay +Gel Polish
Gel or Acrylic overlay of natural nails to make them stronger +gel polish finish
Gel Polish Pedicure
Shaping of the nails ,removing of  the  cuticles .Gel polish finish Last over 1 month
Full Spa Luxury Pedicure
Spa, Masks ,salts and file of dead skin with filing of the nails and removing of the cuticles.  
Full Spa Luxury Pedicure + Gel Polish
Full spa pedicure with masks and salts and file of dead skin ,also use of chemicals if needed.  With gel polish finish
Fluffy Eyelash Extensions 2D-6D
2D-6D eyelash extensions witch is more then one lashes allocation to one lash to create a fluffy beautiful and full look
Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions
Very fine lashes allocation. More then one eyash to one.  Last 4 to 6 weeks.Infill time every 3 weeks
Individual Mink Eyelash Extensions
One to one allocation of lashes extensions. MINK LASHES 
Gel Polish Manicure
Gel polish manicure including designLast for over 3 weeks . 
Sculpture Nail extensions with gel polish and design
Acrylic or Uv Gel Sculpture Nail Extensions with gel polish finish and design of your choice